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09 September 2014 Cheat di The Sims 4 Posted In: the sims 4 games cheat

Hi sekadar mau share gimana sih ngecheat di the sims 4 ini. 

Untuk ngecheat di the sims 4 ini , pertama harus membuka console menu nya dulu di in-game dengan cara pencet Ctrl + Shift + C dan kemudian memasukan kode-kode berikut ini:

  • "help": Outputs all commands available to the player in the command console.
  • "death.toggle": Toggles the true/false value of death – when off, death is disabled and no sims will die.
  • "freeRealEstate [on/off]": Only available to enter when in neighborhood/world. When toggled on, home purchases are free. When toggled off, homes costs the usual amount.
  • "fullscreen": Toggles The Sims 4 fullscreen mode, on or off.
  • "headlineEffects [on/off]": Disables “headline” effects including plumbobs, thought balloons, etc. so as to not obscure the player’s view.
  • "kaching": Adds 1000 Simoleons to the active household’s funds.
  • "motherlode": Adds 50,000 Simoleons to the active household’s funds.
  • "resetSim [FirstName] [LastName]": Resets the Sim named.
  • "rosebud": Adds 1000 Simoleons to the active household’s funds.
  • Pressing Shift + ]: Increases the size of the object selected.

Nah itu sedikit cheat di the sims 4 , selamat mencoba

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